John Robert Ferguson


Memory Machines

Collaborative project for Connecting Principle 07 with Paul Bell.

When random access potentials are combined with the possibility of remote networked communication, we can metaphorically reduce perceived barriers of time and space. This is a concept we explore in Memory Machines. This involved using multiple turntables (some modified) and a computer-based audio/visual manipulation system built in Max/MSP/Jitter. The installation occupied two separate rooms with multi-channel audio relayed throughout both spaces via computer network to ten loudspeakers. Using multiple automated delays on real-time camera and microphone feeds we setup the computer to blend between dry (real-time) and various wet (delayed) signals, fluctuating between delay times of thirty seconds and ten minutes. The installation explored interpretations of, and interactions with, sound and movement, functioning as a memory of activity within the spaces

The event entitled ‘Process’ was developed in partnership with independent curator Ele Carpenter and presented more than 20 process-based activities including participatory conversations, durational sound - art collaborations, talks, performances, installations, workshops, The Mobile Cinema, a Video Lounge and cafe.

Tron Lennon Memory Machines @ Culture Lab May 2007 from Tron Lennon on Vimeo.