John Robert Ferguson


Solo set @ The Sage

Solo performance of ‘Sunday @ STEIM’, (with live sampling and four channel spacialisation via guitar mounted wiimotes) at The Sage, Gateshead, Saturday 14th March 2009.

John Ferguson @ Sound 09 Sage Gateshead from john on Vimeo.

Audience quotes:

‘…it was the loudest thing in the world.’

‘You were compelling as any lion tamer to watch, but the puzzle of whether you provoked or placated the beast – or whatever was driving the sound and just how much it was running away with you was wonderful.’

So I’m currently trying to configure ‘performing technology’ as akin to lion taming or bull fighting, though maybe ‘dragon slaying’ would be a more appropriate metaphor given the pervasive encroachment of technology into all our lives, considered in this way,  is ‘performing technology’ compatible with notions of absolute control and technical mastery as traditionally associated with virtuoso performance?