John Robert Ferguson


Sketching Interactions

Sketching Interactions Workshop: 25th June 2008 Space 4/5 Culture Lab (Newcastle University)

Discussion/Performance Presentation with Adam Parkinson.

Promotional blurb:

The workshop brings together noted academics and practitioners from the North East and beyond to discuss tools and methods for sketching and designing interactive applications and products. The day will consist of talks, demos, performances and discussions. We hope that the event will provide a forum for networking and to generate new ideas and projects. We’ll also have keynotes from William Gaver and Andy Boucher (Goldsmiths College) and Robert Young (Northumbria University School of Design) as well as a host of talent from the worlds of art, music, design and computing.

The event is sponsored by INSCAPE, a European Sixth Framework project to create a software tool for authoring interactive stories.

Thanks to Topsy at Waygood for this live video.